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Home >> Shibao Mountain trips and travel guide

Shibao Mountain

Shibao MountainJianchuan Shibao Mountain is located 25 kilometers southwest of Jianchuan County, because of the red sandstone mountain into a turtle-shaped crack, like a lion like elephant bell like to give the name of Shibao. Here wooded, stone Fun Unlimited, temples chic, unique scenery, especially Cliff and caves and ancient reputation. Mountain caves dug in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and enjoy the southwest of Dunhuang reputation as a national key cultural relics protection units. Shibao Shan Kwong only beautiful, historic atmosphere, this unique national style, known as Bai Valentine's Day, China Song City, said the song would be more fun to watch Shibao, linger. Shibao Mountain in 2008. The song was included in the State Council, the national intangible cultural heritage protection list.

There are art treasures: 17 carving fine, vivid, unique content, rich colors of local ethnic grotto. The caves located in Shibaoshan stone temple bell, the lion off, Schaden Qing three stretches sixty-seven km zone, about 140 statues footer. Caves selected fine slave logic, logic Phoenix Court, three generations of Nanzhao different Mu seeking the Lord, the three most representative figures. Through these images, reflecting the history of Nanzhao generation. It is Nanzhao art treasures, but also the wealth of national historical materials, for future generations to study Nanzhao political, military, cultural, as well as apparel, fashion and so provide valuable information.

Followed by religious figures lifelike. In most caves statue, religious figure. As the Goddess of Mercy, Ananda, Kassapa, Monju, Fugen, eight were king, heavenly king, King growth and so on. These images, mostly fine carving, vivid own personality. For example, with the Goddess of Mercy, in the hands of the sculptor, the image vary: faces have learned Guanyin Mannan Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, and so slender.

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