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Home >> Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park

Green Lake ParkGreen Lake Park in Kunming District Luofeng mountain, Wuhua Shanxi Lu, opposite the main entrance of Yunnan University, original dishes a question. Here was originally a bay in the Dianchi Lake, the water level dropped later due to become a Wangqing lake. Also because there have been nine Northeast Lake water springs, also known as Jiulong Chi. Lake amidst glittering, tree-lined, floor now wave heart, a beautiful environment, the city of Kunming is an emerald. Enjoy the city of jade reputation.

From north to south within the Green Lake Park is Nguyen embankment, 1834 Yunnan-Guizhou Governor Ruan Yuan appropriations building. Straight things Don embankment, 1919 by Sun Yat-sen when he Jiyao appropriation of Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces founding coalition commander in chief of the building. Two Long Beach, divided into four lake. River embankment planting willow, lake intraspecific Netherlands, Dutch Liu matched, clear emerald beauty. Two Long Beach will be divided into five scenic Lake - Lake Island Fish and pavilion area to the other buildings in the Qing Dynasty mainly; is southeast of Moon Water Hin and goldfish island; the northeast is the island of bamboo and Jiulong Chi ; south of Huludao and zigzag bridge; west Hoi Ting.

Green Lake area of 21 hectares, water accounted for 15 hectares. Two long, Liu Di was intersection of the word heart in the garden, while the whole lake is four points. North-South cross dike called Nguyen dike is Daoguangnianjian Yunnan Governor Ruan Yuan imitation of the West Lake Sudi Mei Yun built, something called vertical dike Tang dike, built in the Republic of China. Two dike junction, is the lake island, to the pavilion for the spindle, constitutes the central travel zone. Pavilion called Bi Yi Ting, pavilions appearance, cornices Huangwa, dotted with Spring Lake, two kiosks around the inner court, to hold it for a variety of exhibitions.

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