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Home >> Twelve Railing

Twelve Railing

Twelve RailingTwelve railing on the famous Shangri-La County Road section of stone quarry steep cliff trail, 70 km from Shangri-La County, Shangri-La County is located in the town of Tiger Leaping Gorge. Here is the dangerous land of Tea Horse Road, Yunnan-Tibet highway was previously out of the Shangri-La to go through the fortress.

Twelve railing line and the line of the ancient stone quarry, Buddhism and Taoism, the People's Bank which side of the cliff, while the ravine, and there are twelve devious place, pedestrian point, not up and down and stare, and even breath too. Ancient legend also has twelve cave railing constrictor, pedestrians over, sprang to devour, so few people safe through twelve railing because such a risk is steep folk known as yin and yang sector. However, this Yin and Yang in the hope that the emergence of a human but by protecting, that Guanyin in this manifestation, is like on the rock wall, in addition to off Monty Python, to keep a lot of pedestrians. Since then known as twelve railing Guanyin cliff. According to later legend, really on the cliff depicts a Statue, protecting pedestrians to see such a Bodhisattva in charitable frightened, the heart will be much more stable, also unknowingly passed this Yin and Yang .

Twelve chisel stone railing is the ancient text by Shangri-La office or traveling from the mainland or Han Chinese merchants, which makes twelve railing and become a witness Mainland Tibetan relations. After the Yunnan-Tibet Highway through, and from the Tibetan people no longer need to precipice between this stone quarry frightened to walk the trail, but people forget it. Twelve railing next to the National Road 214, local officials can travel to the village, after a rush rivers, traveling to the northwest for about two hours to reach the round trip in one day can be.

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