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Home >> Yang Tang Qu

Yang Tang Qu

Yang Tang QuTong Yang Qu is located in Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province small town of Zhongdian, in Tibetan means gathering flowers riverside. Tong Yang Qu snow-capped mountains on both sides of the confrontation, beautiful meadow, cattle and sheep flocks; the water clear and pure, unique Tibetan villages, beautiful rural scenery, like the sky falling Tong Yang Hadad, from the whole area flows slowly, like a dreamy Xanadu.

Tong Yang Qu dream trip starting from the ancient Tibetan villages. When tourists riding yak boat, drinking yak milk board is disposed along the meandering river drift slowly down, along the Mani Dui, colorful prayer flags in the sun shining, stylized waterwheel tirelessly struck a turning barrels, herders and tourists pray for the happiness and well-being, ears echoed with Tibetan girl clear, melodious voice ......

Colorful Meadow River on both sides of the ocean where the most stunning scenery, a variety of plants and flowers riverside with seasonal variations and changes with different colors. The breeze was blowing, fragrant flowers, visitors intoxicated. Meadow and mountains near here to grow azaleas crown than a thousand ornamental plants, 5 - October Gesang yellow and red, blue large azaleas in full bloom, and this was in the best season to enjoy scenic colorful meadow. The onset of winter, snow falling, the entire area and the surrounding are quietly put on fantastic plumage. White meadow, trees, shrubs, barley exterior frame covered with glistening, white Tibetan white room smelled of smoke, the distance is Xuefeng ring out, sitting high at the top of Haba Snow Mountain peaks faintly visible.

Tibetan people who live here with their diligence and wisdom to create this paradise, so that visitors from all over the home and abroad feel the rich Tibetan customs and Tibetan cultural characteristics in the scenic area.

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