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Home >> Southwest Silk Road sightseeing tours

Southwest Silk Road

Southwest Silk RoadSouthwest Silk Road in China by the three trunk composed of a total length of over 2,000 kilometers. Chengdu is a starting point, the Yibin, Zhaotong, Qujing, Kunming, Chuxiong, Nanhua, yunnanyi to Dali; one is from the south of Chengdu, via Qionglai, Ya'an, Ling Guan, Xichang, Yaoan to Dali, the entry also known as Ling Guan Road; the third is above the confluence of two westbound after by Yangbi Yongping, Baoshan, Tengchong out of Myanmar, from Baoshan to Myanmar section called Yongchang Road. Chengdu is the starting point of the Southwest Silk Road, Tengchong Southwest Silk Road of the last post. Yuan Dynasty unified Yunnan province in the territory of the establishment of post 78, which celebrate Central (now Kunming) to Dali along by Lufeng Road Austin, Wei Chu, but sand, P shed, white rocks all stations, with the times Changes have said Tong, shop, post, off, relay and so on.

This trail is a rare cultural heritage, some of which have been included in the post historical and cultural protection unit, but the lack of unified planning and protection across the board, proposed that Southern Silk Road included in the cultural heritage of the existing sections of the census, the overall down planning protection, development of tourism, a series of north-south orientation of the mountains and canyons of the mountain range consisting of, strange geological formations, forming a gorgeous natural landscape, vast deposits of precious rare animals and plants. Here since prehistoric times onwards, all ethnic groups in China is good migration path to and from the Department, still home to more than a dozen ethnic minority Qiang, Yi, Tibetan, Hui, Bai, Dai, Lisu, Pumi, Achang, Deang, Jingpo.

Developed on the basis of this ancient nation on the Southwest Silk Road corridor, it is fertile Chengdu Plain as a starting point, through Yunnan into Burma and then India, and then as far as Central Asia and Europe. Northwest overland Silk Road, the Silk south and southwest of the Maritime Silk Road, southwest of the earliest development of the Silk Road, in the fourth century BC already opened. This is called the Silk Road during the Han Dynasty Shu poisonous Road, Shu Sichuan, poisonous is India's ancient name, referring to depart from Sichuan, Yunnan through Burma until the trade route to India. Western Yunnan Gu Xinan Silk Road, relics mainly in kiosk Baoshan City, Dali Prefecture official slope and level Boonen Hill and other places.

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