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Home >> Jinuo Folk Copycat

Jinuo Folk Copycat

Jinuo Folk CopycatFolk Keno cottage is located in between the wild elephant valley to Meng Lun botanical garden Keno Xiang Ba Po Cun, Jinghong City, is located in the East, 28 kilometers away from Jinghong City, west of the town of Mengyang 70 km, Jinuo generation breeding habitat. Nationality is the national recognition of the 56 nation last. Less population, mostly living here.

The distribution of the more than and 40 villages, inhabited by more than 17 thousand people. Here Keno hill can not only watch the scenery, can also understand the Jinuo style. Keno hill, Gu Cheng Yau Leshan, is well-known in the history of one of the six Dasan in ancient Yunnan's first encyclopedia Fengwu specialty products, Dian Hai Yu Heng Zhi has been recorded. Keno 2 words, Jinuo language, base is the uncle, the promise is the offspring, Keno hill is the uncle of the future generations to live, can see from this Jinuo culture.

Facing the genial sunshine, in O Mo Yao North Jino creation ancestor looked on, the lush trees shade cottage drum door opened the her enthusiasm for the door, Mary Black, a statue of Mary Niu dutifully guarding the Jinuo people own paradise. Deepak Chopra real 5 nerve root column showing its divine authority, large public housing and housing concentrated in the Jinuo People of life feeling a bit, keno promenade is engraved with the Jino rich hunting culture and folk art, sun sun flower bed flower shy to express true feelings, big drum drum beats and dance filled with a strong religious flavor of the original. In this piece of land, the history of both feet have come here, to the mystical religious imagination has yet to stop, unique ethnic customs can Shiduo everywhere.

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