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Kunming Travel Guide

Kunming travel, Yunnan tour trip
Kunming tour

Long ago, a rich man was wandering in a park of Kunming. It had been a long time for him not to go out for a breath of the fresh air. His life was just on a nonstop running wheel. He felt tired and frustrated. Then, he saw a poor ragged beggar lying on the lawn pleasantly. He felt surprised and asked :" You have nothing at all. Why are you so happy?" Then the answer came :" Don't you see the sunshine and the flowers?"

So it's Kunming. It is said god biased this city so much and favored Kunming with gentle sunshine all the year round. It has a nice name as Spring City. Some people would like to call it Oriental Geneva. No wonder the annual World Horticultural Exposition is held here. If you are curious about the vegetable kingdom, come to Kunming then. If lucky enough, you might be dropped in a flower, to date with Arthur and his Minimoys on a fantastic journey.

Come to Kunming, you will not miss the Bridge Crossing rice line. Since it is a flowery city and flowers easily remind us of romance. It is said that once there was a scholar preparing his exam on an isle. He worked so hard that he always forgot the food his girlfriend sending to him, and he became emaciated which made his girl so sad and decided to make something more catering to him. That was the rice line. Every day, no matter it rained, blew or snowed, his girl just insisted to go across a bridge to arrive the isle. Finally, the scholar achieved his goal and they just lived happily from then on. To memorize their love story, the rice line was called Bridge Crossing rice line.

Cycling around Dianchi is a good choice for many visitors. Sitting on the southwestern downtown of Kunming, it has another nickname as the Pearl of Tableland. There are short travel distances and just relax, experience as much of Kumming's culture as possible, and take in an attraction or two.

There are a number of tourist attractions in and around Kunming. A walk through the Bird and Flower Market, the Yunnan University area, or around Green Lake Park is a great way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in Kunming. Better yet, all of these places are within walking distance of each other and all can be enjoyed without the cost of an entrance fee.

Other tourist attractions, such as Yunnan Provincial Museum, Shilin (Stone Forest), Heilong Tan (Black Dragon Pond) and the Western Hills near Dianchi, are all worthwhile to go.

Kunming Geography

From 1,500 m to 2,800 m above sea level, Kunming is located in the central part of Yunnan Province southwest of China. East to Qujing City, west to Chu Xiong Yi Ethnic Autonomous Prefecture, south to Yuxi City and north to Jinshajiang River, it stretches 237.5 km from the south to the north and covers an area of 15,561 sq. km. And then 20 km west from Kunming, there stands Xi Shan Scenic Spots. With many stories to appreciate, they are made up of Hua Ting Shan, Tai Hua Shan and Luo Han Shan. Every 3rd of March, Chinese lunar calendar, people have the custom to climb the hill for a bliss of the whole year.

Kunming Climate

With sufficient rainfalls and sunshine, the annual average temperature of Kunming is around 15 Celsius. Monsoon period between May to October and a little bit dry in other months. Note the distinct difference in temperature in spring and winter.

Kunming People

It has a population of 4,670,000 among which the urban population takes 1,600,000 and most of them eat rice. Kunming is also a big forge mixed with multi nationalities. The minorities take 13 percent of the total who are good at singing and dancing.

Kunming Travel Attractions
Stone Forest
Jiuxiang Scenic Region
Dianchi Lake
Dragon Gate
Golden Temple
Qiongzhu Temple
Spring City Golf
Ancient Alu Caves
Daguan Park
Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Green Lake Park
Ethnic Villages
Yuantong Temple
World Horti-Expo Garden
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