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Kunming Travel

Kunming locationKunming, "The City of Eternal Spring," is the capital of the province of Yunnan. The city is over 2400 years and has special historical significance in that it was once the doorway to the famous Silk Road that facilitated trade between India, Myanmar, Tibet and Sichuan. Currently, the city of Kunming is the center of economic, political, and culture for the province of Yunnan as well as the heart of the region for science, technology and transportation. It also has become a magnet for tourists. In fact, Kunming is southwestern China's most popular tourist spot and plays host to thousands of tourists everyday.

Kunming enjoys nice weather all year long and provides great transportation inroads in and out of the city which makes it fantastic for tourists and industry. The city supports three major squares and five major streets that might be of interest to visitors. Jinma Biji Square, Jinbi Square and Dongfeng Square along with Nanping Jie, Jinma Biji Fang, Renmi Lu and Zhengyi Lu and Jingxing are great places for tourists and locals to enjoy entertainment and shopping. If one is looking to have a more cerebral experience, then they may wish to visit such historical spots as the Grand View Pavilion, Dianchi Lake, Stone Forest and the Village of Ethnic Culture.

More than 20 separate ethnic groups reside within the city of Kunming and even more groups live within the region. Each group has its own culture, celebrations and festivals. For example, the Yi group celebrates the Golden Temple Festival annually. Nearly a decade ago, the city hosted the International Horticultural Expo and the event brought worldwide attention and subsequently visitors to the city.

For those who enjoy a good meal, a couple of popular native dishes are the Across Bridge Rice Noodles and Xuanwei Ham. You can get both of these dishes at various restaurants around the city. Night markets, clubs (pubs) and cafes are also great places to secure a lovely and delicious meal, enjoy good music and to ultimately have a good time. And no visit would be complete without purchasing souvenirs for those back home. One can find tie dyes, as well as carvings made from wood and ivory.

"The City of Eternal Spring", Kunming, is a Chinese city of great historical relevance, much like many cities in China. It is a very big tourist draw due to the living and breathing history lessons, great entertainment, good food and fantastic shopping. It also continues to be the heart of the region for many important industries, including technology, economics, politics and culture.

Weather & Climate In Kunming

Kunming enjoys a pleasant climate with little change in temperature throughout the year. The temperature averages about 15 degrees C. in the urban area, 19.7 degrees C. peaks in the summer and 7.5 degrees C. troughs in the winter. The rainy season is between May and Oct when 85% of the annual rainfall of 1000mm falls. Due to Kunming's moderate humidity and temperature, as well as the plentiful sunshine the city receives, Kunming is known as the "Spring City" and is green throughout the year.

Kunming Weather
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Ave. Temp. (Celsius) 7.7 9.6 13.0 16.5 19.1 19.5 19.8 19.1 17.5 14.9 11.3 8.2
Rainfall 11.6 11.2 15.2 21.1 93.0 183.7 212.3 202.3 119.5 85.0 38.6 13.0


Kunming Flight Information

Kunming Flight InformationKunming Wujiaba International Airport has managed to connect the city with other places within Yunnan, in China, and even around the world. Flights are available to most major Chinese cities such as Beijing (3 hours), Shanghai (2.5 hours), Chengdu (1 hour), Guangzhou (1 hour), Guilin (1.25 hours) as well as international destinations such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Flights to regional Yunnan tourist destinations (Baoshan, Jinghong, Lijiang, Manshi, Xiaguan and Zhaotong) are generally available. The airport is 5 km south of the city center (Dongfeng Square). To get to the airport by taxi usually costs about RMB15 and takes 20 minutes. Bus No. 52 runs from Daguan Tower via the main railway station to the airport. Also, bus No.67 runs by the north railway station via the main railway station. Lastly, bus No.78 runs between the airport and the north railway station via the municipal government building. Most of the above buses are available from 6am to 10pm. There is no money exchange service at the airport, but there are ATMs that accept the Bank of China's Changcheng card and most international cards. However, there is a Bank of China branch opposite the the arrival gate with a credit card service (3% processing fee), traveler's check exchange (0.75% fee) and other money exchange services.


Kunming Airport

Airport code: KMG
Location: Kunming Wujiaba International Airport lies in southeast outskirt of Kunming City, only abut four kilometers (about 2.5 miles) away from the downtown area.
Brief intro: As one of the most important and busiest airports in China, Kunming Wujiaba International Airport was built in 1923. After a series of renovations it has become a modern and beautiful airport, which has a 58,000 square meters (about 14 acres) Waiting Building, 34 gate positions, 17 Waiting Hall, one airstrip and a 250,000 square meters (about 62 acres) parking apron. Within the airport there are restaurants, shops, small flower supermarket and other service facilities. Airlines here can take you to 74 domestic and international cities.


Kunming Cuisines

Kunming CuisinesThe most fabulous of all Yunnan food is Yunnan rice noodles (Guoqiao mixian, literally "Crossing the bridge rice noodles"). This tasty noodle dish made with chicken broth and super thin slices of meat is famous throughout all of China and you can try this typical Yunnan dish at the "Jixin Yunnan Flavor Restaurant" and the Guoqiaodu Restaurant. Other Yunnan treats to look for are the Yunnan Eight Pastries and also Xuanwei Ham (as a common Yunnan ingredient). For a taste of ethnic cuisine, such as Dai or Bai, there are many good restaurants in Kunming. Laozhiqing Restaurant is well known for its authentic, delicious Dai food. While not Yunnanese or minority food, if your looking for something different after too much rice noodles, then try Kunming's Beijing restaurant near Dongfeng Lu and the Shanghainese Restaurant in the King World Hotel. Foreign travelers are not likely to feel very far away from home in Kunming because of the numerous Western restaurants. Try near the Green Lake (Cuihu) area or around Yunnan University where lots of restaurants cater to the foreign exchange students who flock to Kunming to study Chinese. Among these restaurants are Face to Face, Journey To the East, Blue Bird and Teresa Pizza. The Thai Kitchen located in the center of the city, while not Western food per se, is another of Kunming's BEST non-Chinese restaurants. "Mamafu's" and Jack In The Box, a local fast food burger chain, are also located nearby. After dark, street peddlers are all around the city selling noodles, snacks and other "street food". While street food can be lacking in the hygiene department on occasion, it is also GOOD and CHEAP! If you are brave (or completely insane!) enough, try snake, grilled rat or even fried bee!


Shopping in Kunming

Shopping in Kunming YunnanYunnan has one of the most complicated ethnic and religious situations in all of China's provinces. The interaction and collision of different cultures, religions and lifestyles gives visitors to this beautiful and colorful province lots to see, and to buy! Kunming, as the cultural and economic center of Yunnan, is an ideal place to dig up some great souvenirs of your trip to Yunnan! While jade and marble arts and crafts items are plentiful, there are plenty of items that are even more special and unique to Yunnan. Among the top choices of Kunming specialties to decorate your living room are bronzeware, Dai brocade and wax dyed cloth all of which epitomise Yunnan ethnic style. Yunnan is also famous for its tobacco.

The city boasts a lot of famous shops and markets, many of them are really worth visiting for being mirrors of the local life. The Flower and Bird Market, The Yunnan Antique City, the Nanyao Market, the Golden Horse and Phoenix Memorial Archway Jewelry Market and the Flower Street are all worth a look.

There are some good, big department stores here, since Kunming is the biggest city in the Province, these shops are an ideal place to stock up on supplies for your excursions throughout Yunnan. The biggest department stores in Kunming are the Southwestern Commercial Building,the Qiancun Department Store and the Kunming Department Store.

Yunnan Bronze Ware
Yunnan Bronzeware (Wutong zouyin), is made with techniques unique to Yunnan Province. To complete a piece of bronzeware, the bronze roughcast is engraved with various patterns and designs and then molten silver or gold is slowly poured into the grooves. After the bronzeware cools, the darker bronze looks great with designs in gold or silver. Dai Brocade Dai brocade (Daijin) is a kind of silk made by women of the Dai ethnic group. It features gorgeous colors and incricate patterns, which use rare animals, flowers and geometrical forms as design themes. Each of these patterns has its implications and hidden meaning. For instance, a peacock symbolizes good luck while an elephant symbolizes a good harvest. Brocade is commonly made into handbags, bedsheets, cushions, and window drapes.

Wax Dyed Cloth
Wax-dyed cloth is a folk handicraft of ethnic groups in Yunnan Province which is made by applying wax to white fabric in order keep sections undyed when the fabric is dipped in blue dye. This rather plain, yet charming handicraft shows off various local cultural symbols including animals, flowers and legendary personages. The cloth is made into garments, handbags, tapestries or simply sold as wall hangings

Yunnan Tobacco
Yunnan is famous for its excellent tobacco. Thanks to the mild climate here in Yunnan Province, the tobacco leaves collected here are the best in China. So if you like to smoke, don't forget to take some home.


Kunming Travel Attractions

Stone Forest
Jiuxiang Scenic Region
Dianchi Lake
Dragon Gate
Golden Temple
Qiongzhu Temple
Kunming Spring City Golf
Ancient Alu Caves
Daguan Park
Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Green Lake Park
Ethnic Villages
Yuantong Temple
World Horti-Expo Garden


Map of Kunming

Kunming Travelmap


Kunming Travel Attractions
Stone Forest
Jiuxiang Scenic Region
Dianchi Lake
Dragon Gate
Golden Temple
Qiongzhu Temple
Spring City Golf
Ancient Alu Caves
Daguan Park
Jiaozi Snow Mountain
Green Lake Park
Ethnic Villages
Yuantong Temple
World Horti-Expo Garden
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