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Qujing City

Qujing City
Qujing City
Qujing City

Located in the east of Yunnan, only 132km away from Kunming, Qujing is also the second largest city of Yuannan. Qujing is the birthplace of the ancient Cuan cluture, from 742 ¨C 755 AD, Qujing is the political, economic and cultural center of Nanzhong slavery Kingdom. As an important access to heartland of central China and the coastal areas in Southeast China, Qujing is known as the throat of Yunnan. Apart from its rich mineral resources, Qujing is one of Major high quality tobacco producing areas of China and one of rice and vegetable oil producer of Yunnan.

historically Qujing had been the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan. The Five-Chi Dao, which is built in Han Dynasty during the western Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD), the Middle Kingdom has been established its administration body in this area. In the following five hundred years Qujing has been ruled by different dynasties, and Qujing was always the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan.

Origination of the Pearl River
Located in the Maxiong Mountain in the northeast of Zhanyi County, Qujing. Zhu Jiang, literally means Pearl River in Chinese language. With a length of 2,214 km, Zhu Jiang (Pearl River) is the longest river in Southern China. In the deep valley of Maxiong Mountain, a upper cave and a lower cave in a 6 meter high cliff are the resources of Pearl River. Inscribed just above the caves are three Chinese scprits of Zhu Jiang Yuan; the sources of the Pearl River. On the left side of the cave stands a stele inscribed with the Record of the Sources of the Zhujiang River, which says: flowing across the south of county from the Maxiong Mountain. Nearby in another stone tablet inscribed with four characters: Yin Shui Si Yuan, think of its source when you drink its water, written by Ye Xuanping, fomer governor of Guangdong Priovince, and expression of the deep love of Guangdong people for this river. An early as the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), in his travelogue: A Survey of the Panjiang river Xu Xiake reported that Panjiang River was originated at Zhanyi near Yanfang.

as a national forest park, the Maxiong Mountain boasts over 600 hectares of azalea and pine trees. During the blooming season, the mountain is splendidly red with flowers.

Colorful Sand Forest Luliang

Colorful Sand Forest LuliangOne of the three forests in Yunnan, the other two are the Stone Forest and the Earth Forest, the Colorful Sand Forest is located 18 km from Luliang County. The scenic area covers an area of 6 square kilometer, with a series of attractions along in a Y ¨C shaped valley. The sand hills really look like a dense forest, hence the name. the sand dunes are in shape of castle, house, screens. Despite the erosion of many years by wind and rain, they still stand magnificently. The reason for this is that on the surface of the sand there is a layer of natural protection which forms when silicate and calcium carbonate in the sand come into contact with carbon dioxide in water or air. The colors of the sand forest is even more striking. The sand is mostly quartz sand, which contains 48 different trace elements , under the sunlight, the colors of the sand changes at different time during a day and in different season of a year, red, yellow, and white as their originalt colors mixed with blue, black, and gray. Walking in the sand forest, visitor are amazed by this natural wonder and the power of nature mother.


LuopingThe mild climate and abundant rainfall has endowed Luoping a favorable place to canola (rape seeds) products. In spring the 10,000 hectares of canola flowers are in riot, and turns Luoping into a vast sea of yellow golden flowers. In this vast sea is dotted with karst hills and outcroppings and local Buyi villages. Green hills, blue skies with white clouds and yellow flowers weaved together into a an enchanting peaceful idyllic picture of countryside sceneries. Hordes of busy honey bees hum, fly, and of course bring the hope of a bumper harvest on honey, the beekeepers are from all over China, they roam across the country like Gypsies in chase of their sweet life.

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Luliang Colorful Sand Forest

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