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Yunnan Tourist Attractions

Yunnan is located in the southwest border of China, located in latitude 21 ¡ã 8'32 "-29 ¡ã 15'8" and longitude 97 ¡ã 31'39 "-106 ¡ã 11'47", the Tropic of Cancer across the southern province.

Yunnan and the eastern part of Guizhou Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is adjacent to the north with the Sichuan Province is connected to the northwest corner of the Tibet Autonomous Region, the western border with Myanmar, southern and Laos, Vietnam. From the whole position, the vast Asian continent in the north, the vast Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean in the south, are under the control of the southeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon, and are affected by the Tibetan Plateau, thus forming a complex and diverse physical and geographical environment.

The total width of east and west of Yunnan is 864.9 kilometers, the maximum vertical distance is 990 kilometers, the total area of ??394,000 square kilometers, accounting for 4.1% of the total land area, ranking the 8th.
Yunnan is a plateau mountain province, is part of the southern extension of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The whole terrain from the northwest to the southeast tilt, rivers along the terrain, respectively, into the fan-shaped east, south-east, south to flow. The highest point for the Yunnan-Tibet border Deqin County Nu mountain range Meili Snow Mountain peak Kagebo peak, 6740 meters above sea level; the lowest point in the border with Vietnam's estuary Nanxian River and Yuanjiang confluence, Elevation of 76.4 meters. Two straight-line distance of about 900 km, the difference between the level of more than 6000 meters. Yunnan is a mountainous province, the province's land area, according to terrain, mountain 84%, plateau, hills about 10%, Bazi (basin, valley) accounted for only 6%.
????Yunnan referred to as "Yunnan", the Warring States period, here is the tribe of the Dian tribe of interest. Yunnan, meaning "clouds of the South", another argument is located in the "Yunling south" and named. The old saying goes, "One day long ten feet, Yunnan in the sky," she really close from the day. 3 million years ago, a strong crustal movement, so that the valley is located in the depths of the sea towering into the sky, creating a valley vertical and horizontal, river flow swing of the singular plateau.

"Ling Luan for thousands of dumping the sea, the peak cluster planted Wan Man onions." From the only 76 meters above sea level Zhennan estuary back to up to 6,740 meters Deqin Meili Snow Mountain Kagbo peak, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau with an average of 6 meters per meter elevation of the rhythm, is a green ladder 900 ladder. The famous Jinshajiang River, Nu River and Lancang River flow in the direction of the river, and the rivers and streams have a long history and the lakes and springs are spread all over the place, creating a magical and beautiful paradise. Unique geographical environment formed a unique climatic conditions in Yunnan. "A mountain in four seasons, ten different days," a province of both cold, warm, hot three-band climate, is rare in the world. Unique geographical environment and climatic conditions, making the Yunnan animal and plant species exceptionally rich, more than 15,000 kinds of higher plants, more than 250 kinds of animals, the total number of 766 kinds of birds, "Kingdom of Plants", "Animal Kingdom" Yunnan, said the generation.
In this magical, beautiful red land of the embrace, the 26 ethnic groups living together, the people of all ethnic hard-working and brave, self-improvement, singing and dancing, simple and warm. Because of their different natural environment and historical development, the various nationalities have presented different social and cultural patterns and created countless distinctive and colorful national cultures. They have different forms and forms according to their unique and exotic living customs and traditions, Bright and rich national cultural heritage.

Jinuo Folk Copycat (attractions2-xishuangbanna) 2016-7-17
Twelve Railing (attractions2-lijiang) 2016-7-5
Green Lake Park (attractions2-kunming) 2016-6-13
Yang Tang Qu (attractions2-Shangri-la) 2016-6-7
Southwest Silk Road (attractions2-tengchong) 2016-4-30
Shibao Mountain (attractions2-dali) 2016-4-3
Laifengshan Mountian (attractions2-xishuangbanna) 2016-3-16
Bigu Heavenly Lake (attractions2-lijiang) 2016-3-11
World Butterfly Ecological Park (attractions2-kunming) 2016-2-10
Yunfeng Mountain (attractions2-tengchong) 2016-1-9
Osprey Domesticated Performers Base (attractions2-dali) 2016-1-2
Dukezong Ancient City (attractions2-shangri-la) 2015-12-27
Manfeilong Stupa (attractions2-xishuangbanna) 2015-12-17
Lashihai Bamboo Raft Tour (attractions2-lijiang) 2015-12-7
Qinglong Gorge (attractions2-kunming) 2015-11-15
Cherry Blossom Valley (attractions2-tengchong) 2015-9-22
Yuji Island (attractions2-dali) 2015-9-1
Collapse Rain Village (attractions2-shangri-la) 2015-7-31
National Customs Park (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2015-6-10
Baoshan Stone City (sights2-lijiang) 2015-5-27
Yunnan Provincial Museum (sights2-kunmning) 2015-5-20
Aisiqi Former Residence (sights2-baoshan) 2015-5-11
Baishui Terrace (sights2-shangri-la) 2015-4-29
Bianchui Ancient Village (sights2-dali) 2015-4-9
Kunming (sights2) 2015-6-5
Keno Cottage Scenic Area (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2015-3-30
99 Dragon Pool (sights2-lijiang) 2015-3-14
Qiongzhu Temple (sights2-kunming) 2015-3-7
Beihai Wetland (sights2-baoshan) 2015-3-2
Songzanlin Monastery (sights2-shangri-la) 2015-2-22
Mengyuan Wonderland Scenic (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2015-1-29
World Butterfly Ecological Park (sights2-kunming) 2015-1-24
Wenfeng Temple (sights2-lijiang) 2015-1-14
Eryuan (sights2-dali) 2015-1-7
Qinglong Bridge (sights2-linchang) 2014-12-12
Three Hole (sights2-wenshan) 2014-11-13
Yunnan Wild Animal Park (sights2-kunming) 2014-10-30
Old Tiger Leaping Gorge (sights2-nujiang) 2014-10-16
Puer Tea Manor (sights2-puer) 2014-10-9
Tiantaishan Stalactite Cave (sights2-zhaotong) 2014-9-29
Elephant Trunk Spa Resort (sights2-yuxi) 2014-9-23
Lancang River Rafting (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2014-9-17
Tiecheng Stupa (sights2-dehong) 2014-9-9
Dawei Mountain National Park (sights2-honghe) 2014-8-28
Luoci Hot Spring (sights2-chuxiong) 2014-8-21
Small Montenegro (sights2-baoshan) 2014-8-10
White Water River (sights2-lijiang) 2014-7-29
Shika Snow Mountain (sights2-shangri-la) 2014-7-23
Cangshan Mountain (sights2-dali) 2014-7-15
Lubuge Small Three Gorges (sights2-qujing) 2014-7-5
Tonghu Buddha Temple (sights2-lincang) 2014-7-1
Tuoniang River (sights2-wenshan) 2014-6-23
Guandu Ancient Town (sights2-kunming) 2014-6-11
Shimen Barrier (sights2-nujiang) 2014-5-30
Jinggu Meng Standing Alone Buddha Temple Octagonal Pavilion (sights2-puer) 2014-5-26
Lianghe Rocks (sights2-zhaotong) 2014-5-16
Movie Television City
Luchong Village (sights2-yuxi) 2014-5-8
Liusha River (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2014-4-30
Border Trade Street (sights2-dehong) 2014-4-22
Chengzi Ancient Village (sights2-honghe) 2014-4-17
Chuxiong Museum (sights2-chuxiong) 2014-4-9
Jihong Bridge (sights2-baoshan) 2014-3-31
Gaogu Building (sights2-yuxi) 2014-3-27
Dongba Valley (sights2-lijiang) 2014-3-19
Balaguezong (sights2-shangri-la) 2014-3-15
Nanzhao Style Island (sights2-dali) 2014-3-11
Grass Mountain (sights2-qujing) 2014-3-9
Puzhehei (sights2-wenshan) 2014-3-5
Pine Tree Hill (sights2-baoshan) 2014-2-27
Yuanzi Inscription Cliff Stone (sights2-zhaotong) 2014-2-25
Jiyi Great Rift Valley (sights2-chuxiong) 2014-2-22
Mengsuo Dragon Pool (sights2-puer) 2014-2-19
Hani Terrace (sights2) 2014-2-17
Ecological Park (sights2) 2014-2-13

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